Healing, Empowerment, Transformation

The essence of New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is love without conditions and respect for all life forms. This Philosophy is “Healing is nothing more and nothing less than facilitating individuals on their path to experience freedom and wholeness according to their own free will and their Divine Plan.”

New Paradigm MDT healing is a bio-energy treatment designed to expand our awareness beyond our habitual state of mind and into our fully conscious self. The journey of healing is one of spiritual self-discovery and empowerment. Through these treatments you are helped  to release old ways of thinking and being, which no longer serve you and your highest good. This will free you to be your own authentic true self and live in ways which resonate and are congruent with your heart. Through New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation we open to the reality of our birth right: unconditional love. Transformation takes place as we connect to our divine self. Vibrational shifts ripple out to every aspect of life and lead to the spontaneous fulfillment of our deepest desires.

The resulting Love, Freedom and Empowerment reverberate beyond the individual, into Mother Earth and out to the Universe. As the energy moves, consciousness moves as well. New Paradigm MDT is a system that is transformational, assisting people to become free from fear, to step into their power and live more and more from their true essence.   This  is a system of high-frequency energies that activate and expand conscious awareness and accelerate personal growth. This system is considered to be an expansion of the Reiki energies as it combines them with Mahatma energy (also known as the “I AM” Presence) and the energy of the Ascended Masters. This transformation has a healing effect on the individual and as a spin-off of that makes it possible for them to pass on energies that have a healing impact on others.

This healing effect can be on a physical level, an emotional level and a psychological level. At this time the whole earth and humanity are making a multidimensional shift from 3D through 4D to 5D or higher.  Our physical bodies and light bodies are transforming,  in order to be able to hold more light. The shift and the vibrational increase are both caused by and are causing paradigm shifts throughout the world. We are undergoing a crystalline transformation, a vibrational transformation, a paradigm-shift transformation. We are part of a process that is on-going at this time, cause and effect intertwined, from our point of view.  And our point of view is expanding multi-dimensionally.

  • Are you ready to step out of fear?

  • Do you want to step into your power?

  • Do you miss the power of Love without conditions in yourself and your life?

  • Then maybe this system is a way forward for you.

Shamballa New Paradigm brings a  Multi-Dimensional Transformation.   Through a system of activations and clearances, you are brought into the experience of yourself  as multi-dimensional being, into alignment with the Truth of who you are.

The activations are infusions of higher and finer frequencies of light, codings of the fire letters and the Shamballa Diamond frequencies, which ‘flip the light switches’ within you – restoring original programs within the DNA, expanding your awareness and bringing all into greater harmony.

The clearances begin to clear away the ‘debris’  –  programs in the sub-conscious, and beliefs which have accumulated as distortions in our DNA not only in this lifetime, but may have been inherited from other times and realities.  In clearing these, your  vibrational frequencies and your consciousness  rise as you lose some of the ‘heavier’ emotional frequencies and align with the more joyful, higher frequencies of Truth.