Testimonials for adam

 "Adam has given me numerous psychic and astrology readings. His knowledge and passion for the subject is amazing. His insights and accuracy is unbelievably talented. His heart centered, compassionate yet razor sharp clarity is comforting. Please do yourself a favor and get a reading with him. You won't regret it :)" - C.F. ,WA

Testimonials For Cat

"Cat is calm, cool and collected. She is able to tap into the Akashic Records with help from my guide the Archangel Michael. He came and he gave her the answers to the questions that I had. There was no hesitation as a direct communication. Michael told me things to look forward to, any warnings, any signs and things like that. Also he told me that I need to meditate more often. The message was strong and clear throughout the whole channeling, there was no confusion or disruption. I feel more at purpose and on point with my life because of this Akashic Records session and for that I'm very thankful." - A.R. , HI

"Cat is a keeper of the Akashic Records. She is also a psychic medium. She doesn't let her ego get in the way when the guides, loved ones of others, and other benevolent beings communicate with her to give messages to others. I've seen her take time out of her day to help others. She is a very good messenger and practitioner of the healing arts. She has nothing but love for everyone. She wants the best for everyone. She also has visions of the not so distance possible future outcomes. Her heart is pure and her work is selfless. She has an open mind and an open heart. I am thankful for the opportunity her and I have to work together."     

"Hi Cat, just a fun story. So remember your reading for us? how you said our baby was wanting us to buy a newer car. Well we just got one today! miracle too (as we have low credit score). our daughter met a family at a park the other day cuz she's always so friendly like that. They happened to own a used car lot here in Casper and said they would work with our credit. they pulled some strings at the bank and with my biz actually bringing in over $2k the past 2 months they said we qualified for a loan on the cheapest used car in their lot...which happened to be a very nice 2009 Nissan Versa with only 54,000 miles on it. Our daughter TOTALLY is happier in newer cars (she hates being in older cars for some reason)...and she totally made this connection. With this i just wanted you to know your readings are amazing and totally mind blown today. Even though it took 2 years for your reading prediction to come true...it worked!" - P.J., HI

"Ok...I've been on this site for a VERY VERY long time. I RARELY have come across a REAL & GENUINE psychic to where you can FEEL the truth and light radiating through the reading! This phenomenal woman picked up on soooo much. Inner issues & beliefs, past & present...just WOW!!!! Look y'all!!!! She's the REAL DEAL!!!! Thank you soo much for such a beautiful reassuring reading! Growth and Change both require hard work but well worth it!! Hands down... the BEST reading I've had!!! Compassionate, Accurate, just WOW!! ****Such a great reading." - Nova18

"Love! Love! Love! Shamaness Cat is amazing.. her readings are so deep and helpful and really resonated with me...such wonderful messages and advice!!! Highly recommend and will come again!' - Mysticrose

"Wow!! Such a deep insightful reading!! Very enlightening and though provoking!! Loved the reading !! Very warm and loved her presentation. " -Mysticrose

"Definitely give her a try. You won't be disappointed. Lots of info and clarity and direction. Really love her energy and how she delivers the messages." - Melsun81

"Amazing connection and reading. Detailed and insightful. Helpful advice. Beautiful Compassionate spirit. Most definitely recommend. :)" -Melsun81

"Very compassionate! Quick response!" -Stephj89