Peeling the Veil

What is really going on Research Links:

Corona Virus:

Profile of a Sociopath

Time Magazine:

Net Worth 96 Billion Dollars

Liar, Psychopath, Terrorist

Malthusian Philosophy- eliminate poverty by limiting population growth

Founder of Microsoft- Spying on people

Presidents Bill Gates is related to:

His family: Famous Kin

All presidents:

Nixon 1969

Bush Family Nwo


He collaborates with Mark Zuckerberg founder of facebook


He is connected to Ellen Degeneres and Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet.

Hey its a party:

He affiliates himself with George Soros and others

Many people he knows, even though he may not do it himself, are currently raping, torturing, killing children so they can drink their innocent blood which contains Adrenochrome.

He praised Jeffrey Epstein as "intriguing" and who also funded millions to bacteria and virus studies.


What is Adrenochrome:

Globalists, Adrenochrome:

WuhanCorp sells Adrenochrome:

Andrenochrome video:

Liz Crokin Claims Celebrities Are Getting Coronavirus From Tainted ‘Adrenochrome Supply’

I just learned the horrible, impossible truth about a drug called “adrenochrome.


And I’m All Strung Out On Adrenochrome On The Outskirts Of Town

Bill Gates hints at support for Clinton

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Sweat

Former CIA Officer Expose Adrenochrome Users

Bill and Melinda Gates add climate change and gender equality to their foundation’s focus

Can you predict Katy Perry's weather forecast? |

Present Vision/Agenda


Limitless Murders- Vaccines the Sacred Cow of Public Health

Bill Gates Wants To Decrease World's Population Through Vaccinations

He calls out for national tracking system:

Doctor Refuses To Vaccinate his kids

Piers Corbyn claims Bill Gates and George Soros are behind coronavirus

He pushes vaccine for death and life (total contradiction)

Population Control:

Ted Talk:He's more concerned about lowering CO2 emissions and depopulation than really saving lives

Girl talking:

Bill Gates Wants Socialist Medicine to Combat Coronavirus — Without the Socialists

Birth Control

Reduce the world to 500 million- Georgia Guidestones

Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Could Kill Over 30 Million People

He promotes birth control and abortions and population control- Father was the head of Planned parenthood

His father is Co Chair of the Gates Foundation

It was found that fetuses were delivered in food products.

Bill would abandon aborted fetuses in food

Us plant based meat start up- Natures Fynd, backed by Jack Ma, Bill Gates

His goal is to create a perfect Utopia with walled cities and unltimately continuing hitlers dream

Bill Gates is the Devil, Hitler

Bill gates is a Nazi proof


He tried warning people in 2015 about the next pandemic

Oct 2019 6 weeks before the outbreak in China, he hosted with others a 5 hour Pandemic simulation in partnership with the World Economic Forum and John Hopkins Center.

They funded Pirbright Institue

They own the patent to the coronavirus Patent No. US10,130,701 B2(45) Date Nov 20, 2018.

They also have exclusive rights to develop the vaccines. He plans to infect the whole world with his vaccine that he helped fund.

Because of his Polio vaccine, Africa had a polio breakout.

He is right now collaborating with world leaders to give you the vaccine starting Sept 2021, starting with healthcare workers.

Look Up 2020ID

Bill Gates Will Use Microchip To Fight Coronavirus | MUST LISTEN!!!

*You Don't Want a Microchipped World* -- Dr. Katherine Albrecht (CTDM)

HE probably wants people to vote him into presidency- that will be the worst thing every

He is now putting in his peoples minds if he were to be president/ he is obviously

China and him and him are making a partnership to create smart rice, I think to help end world hunger.

President of China has thanked him for his support.

Wants to Rule the world with technology and microchipping

Microchipping is part of his agenda. He has already started with Microchipping women for birth control reason and the chip lasts for 16 years. Wants to focus on Global death and development.He is enjoying fooling the public, making them think is doing good works, but his real intention is evil...

Whats going on now:

JFK speech Jan 20, 1961-1963

JFK Speech:

Donald Trump Teases a President Bid During a 1988 Oprah Show | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

Trump: Deep state is threat to democracy

Dr. Anthony Fauci did a face palm after Trump mentioned the 'Deep State Department' in a wild coronavirus briefing

Trump family tree:

Trump calls out the Deep State:

Dr, Fauci Associations:

 International AIDS Conference - Sir Elton John Keynote Address

AWK News 3.27.20: TREASON, CONSPIRACY. [DS] recruiting for service against US!

America is being blamed for this:

Q- The Plan to Save the World Remastered

FBI arrest professor:

Feds arrest over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members

Roseanne Barr:

GREAT AWAKENING: Conspiracy Theory claims Globalist Elite ‘Using Pandemic To EVADE Corruption Charges’

Other insightful Sources:

David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What's Really Going On? (NOW WITH SLIDES WORKING!)