Heart Chakra 


Love, relationships, and self acceptance
Our ability to love

Location: Center of chest just above heart
Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace 
  • Love for oneself and others
  • Relating, relationships
  • Compassion, empathy
  • Forgiveness, acceptance
  • Transformation, change
  • Ability to grieve and reach peace
  • Compassionate discernment
  • Center of awareness, integration of insights
Physical association: Heart, thymus, lower lungs, circulatory system, immune system. 

The 4th chakra is associated with the element of air and is located in the chest area. As a result, a lot of the physical symptoms of heart chakra imbalance are connected to the lungs, ribs, and heart. Look for the following: Hypertension, problems breathing, infection at the level of the lung, bronchitis, heart condition.

emotional, physical or even existential distress. The energy running though this chakra is not flowing freely and you may feel drained, depleted, stuck in thoughts or behavioral patterns.

To overcome a blockage, excess or deficiency in the heart chakra, the energy needs to:

  • Be able to move freely (one may need to loosen up constrictions or interferences, such as continuous stress, physical muscle tension, improper diet, negative influence of others, limiting beliefs or attitude)
  • Move in a patters that is suitable to this chakra
  • Be balanced with other energies (we need to take into consideration the whole chakra and energy system; for instance, stress or imbalance in neighboring chakras might influence the state of the heart chakra)

 getting outdoors and into nature can also help manage an overactive heart chakra. Nature and its green allure are excellent support to harmonize imbalanced energy. Hiking through the forest or simply sitting outside on a nice day restores balance. Even opening a window and letting the fresh air blow through your home or office could give you a good start.

Wearing green or pink, and surrounding yourself with these colors can also help balance the heart chakra. Wearing or meditating with healing crystals like rose quartz, jade, emerald, malachite and other green stones is also beneficial.


  • Being withdrawn
  • Avoiding socializing, social interactions
  • Being overly critical of others and oneself
  • Lacking empathy
  • Feeling isolated

If the heart chakra is overly open, it may translate into:

  • Being overly demanding of others, especially close family or partner
  • Extending yourself to fulfill other people’s perceived needs to the cost of one’s own balance
  • Tendency to feeling like a victim
  • Losing sense of personal boundaries in a way that is detrimental to your well-being
Organs associated:

Heart, lungsThymus gland; regulates the immune system.

  • Glands or bodily functions: Thymus gland, responsible for hormone production and important in the regulation of the immune system.

When you open and balance your 4th energy center, you may experience the following heart chakra opening symptoms:

  • By healing the heart chakra, one may experience a boost in energy, positivity, love, compassion, and increased sense of connectedness to life.
  • Feeling love for others, for life in general
  • Being more compassionate
  • Being more acceptant with yourself
  • Feeling inclined to forgive
  • Better overall sense of balance and well-being
  • Integration between with physical and earthly plane needs and spiritual aspirations
  • Altruism, selflessness
  • Harmonious, balanced control of the senses and emotions (does not feel like constriction or excessive control)
  • Balance of female and male energies within oneself
  • Harmony in relationships
Illnesses Associated:
  • Loneliness
  • Shyness and social anxiety
  • Being overly critical towards yourself and others
  • Holding grudges
  • Inability to give or receive freely
  • Suspicion and fear, especially in friendships and romantic relationships

lack of discernment in relationships.  blur the boundaries between oneself and others to the point of losing your sense of identity and misusing the power of love. 

  • Loving indiscriminately
  • Lack of proper boundaries in friendships and intimate relationships
  • Tolerating too much from others to the point of neglecting emotional self-care
  • Acceptance of others without discernment
  • Losing your sense of identity
  • Giving to others or to a cause without restraints
  • Saying yes to everything and everyone, even when it does not benefit you
  • Codependency

Physical symptoms of an overactive heart chakra may be:

  • Heart and circulatory problems like high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and heart attack
  • Lung issues


A blockage in the heart chakra can also lead to physical symptoms like poor circulation, heart troubles, and respiratory illness like asthma. If you consistently have an issue with these conditions in your life, clearing your heart chakra may help you recover from them and lead a healthy life, both emotionally and physically.

Symptoms of imbalance can also point to an overactive heart chakra, which is when the attributes associated with this energy center are expressed in excess.

Mental issues Associated:
Guardian Angels Associated:

Colour: Emerald Green Chakra: 3rd Eye Focus: Healing and Harmony Raphael means ‘God Heals’, he is more like a doctor who looks after healing humanity in its entirety. He is the Chief of Archangels and is a patron of science and medicine. He also protects you while travelling. When in presence you are likely to feel the warmth on your back and see a lot of surreal green around.

Colour: Pink (all shades) Chakra: Heart Focus: Love, Relationships Chamuel means – ‘He who sees God’ or the one who seeks God. He helps improve and renew your relationships by healing and developing the Heart Chakra. Archangel Chamuel helps release the emotional heat without it being stressful for us. He helps unite us with the Love and God Force of Love.

Colour: Orange, Sea Green Chakra: Sacral Chakra Focus: Creativity, Vitality Gabriel means ‘God is my Strength’. She is known as the ‘Angel of Annunciation or Revelation’; she is Chief Ambassador of Humanity. She is the Angel of ‘beauty, purification and art’. She is the Angel of Awakening and the Soul’s Guardian.

  • Essential oils: Rose, geranium, neroli, ylang ylang, jasmine, bergamot
  • self-acceptance. This is based on the principle that in order to love and open to love, one must feel at ease and loving within. The idea is that opening your heart chakra and keeping it open and balanced is supported by becoming more integrated. In order to open the heart chakra we can practice:

    • Acknowledging different parts of yourself that are at play in our daily life; some easy to recognize, some may be hiding in our shadow with guilt and shame or anger;
    • Honoring and accepting the different aspects of our personality;
    • Learning how to provide self-love
    • Working out inner conflicts
    • Learning how to make workable alliances with parts of yourself that tend to resist
    • Taming our inner critic and be less judgmental towards oneself

    Traditional psychotherapeutic or self-development approaches might be helpful in identifying and working with the areas of resistance of blockage affecting the opening of your heart chakra.

CBD Oil Solution:
MDC Spray Solution: 
Yoga Positions Associated:
Crystal Bowl Therapy Meditation:
Crystal Mala Bead Therapy:  Pink quartz, clear quartz, jade, green calcite


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