with cat


Hello, we are Cat and Adam, messengers of spirit and heaven, 

This morning God told me he wanted us to start a highly discounted Angelic Spiritual & Emotional Chat Support Hotline for the people. We are offering emotional support services for anyone needing Angelic Guidance at this crucial time. There are different reasons someone would need to chat with someone.

You may:

 - Feel alone at this time 

- Feel the need to heal some emotions

- Need faith in times of crisis

- Want Angelic guidance and a higher perspective

- Seek solutions in a tough situation

- Want to know what you can do to make your life ultimately better

- Seeking a new direction and don't know where to go

- And others you and you higher self know

* Please note, this is not a traditional reading, but simply a chat service allowing you to receive helpful feedback.

Remember, God, your angels, guides and deceased loved ones want to help you especially right now. 

We do not offer medical, financial or legal advice. If you are sick and need medical attention, please call 911 or consult a medical specialist. We are both students of psychology, Certified Readers, Healing Facilitators And Certified Life Coaches.

Thank you very much and May you be safe and blessed always.